Your Case Study


  • A chance for you and your hospital to be featured on our website.
  • Share your interesting Lodox imaging case using this form.
  • We will select the most interesting case and featured as our ‘Case of the Month’ 

Every Quarter we will be selecting a case study to be featured in our quarterly newsletter.

Use the Word template to edit your study and attach images before sending to

OR Submit your case study using the the form below and email your image to us at


Please try to fill in as many sections as possible. Most important is the Case Presentation and how Imaging, Diagnosis and Treatment was aided by using the Lodox system. Alternatively you can upload a Word document containing the case write-up. Please be sure to send a high-quality Lodox X-ray image of the case you describe. (INSTRUCTIONS below)


PS: Don’t forget to email the image for your case study to

How to save a Lodox image from the DVS

While viewing your image on the DVS, go to the File menu.

  • Click on Export
  • Enter a name for the file in the File Name box e.g. ‘CaseStudyImage’
  • In the Save as Type box, select .jpg
  • Choose an appropriate location to save the file (e.g. Desktop)
  • Click the Save button
  • Attach the saved file to your email.
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