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Emergency trauma radiology

Trauma Imaging

The Lodox full-body X-ray machine plays a significant role in the initial management of the trauma patient, and is an important advance in the trauma imaging repertoire.1 The effectiveness and high speed of imaging dramatically reduce the resuscitation time of patients with major injury, and allow imaging of a large number of patients in a very short time1. The remarkable detection rate for treatment, low radiation dose and speed at which the whole body can be evaluated are advantages in the primary survey of acute trauma patients2. Lodox provides a time-saving, low-dose investigation for emergency units which interferes minimally with initial resuscitation.3

Trauma Brochure

Full-body Images

Lodox is the only DR system that provides a single (non-stitched), high-resolution radiographic image of the entire body (up to 1.8 m / 6 ft body length). Lodox visualises skeletal, chest and pelvic pathologies ‘all-in-one’, and more accurately than conventional X-ray, in the primary trauma survey.3 Full-body imaging gives an overview of the critical patient and allows a better understanding of the patient’s entire injury pattern.4 Lodox allows optimised studies of smaller areas for detail of critical or pre-surgical pathologies.


An X-ray of the entire body is completed in 13 seconds. A full-body trauma imaging study in two planes can be performed in 3 – 5 minutes.5 Rapid acquisition of radiographic detail is particularly important in ATLS resuscitation, where time predicts outcomes.1

Low Radiation

Radiation emission is significantly lower than for conventional X-ray equipment (an average 6% of conventional exposure1, 0.12 mGy entrance dose 6). Radiation scatter is minimised by the Lodox beam and detector configuration. Together, these features improve safety for staff, significantly reduce radiation dose to patients, and allow uninterrupted resuscitation during imaging.7


Click on the picture for a small sample of low resolution images. Our diagnostic viewing system is capable of rendering images at the best quality and resolution. Please call or email for more information.

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