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CS2 Case Study: Location of Foreign Bodies in an Adult (11/8/2017) -

A case study from the Trauma and Emergency Unit of the Inselspital, Bern; one of Switzerland’s largest trauma units.


Patients are frequently admitted to emergency departments after foreign body ingestion and it is estimated that over 1500 people die each year in the USA alone following these incidents. Accurate diagnosis and treatment are therefore crucial in avoiding severe complications in the oesophagus or gastrointestinal organs. Plain [...]... Continue Reading

International Day of Radiology 2018 International Day of Radiology 2017 (11/8/2017) -

International Day of Radiology is celebrated annually on the 8th of November. 122 years ago today, while performing experiments with the effect of cathode rays, Professor Wilhelm Roentgen discovered “Roentgenograms”, or rather X-rays, as we know them today.

This remarkable discovery revolutionized the entire medical profession, and set the foundation for diagnostic radiology.

One might say Prof. Roentgen was the very first Radiographer…

122 years later, we are still [...]... Continue Reading

1c2bf65 Benefits of Lodox Digital Radiography in Forensic Pathology (10/17/2017) -

Benefits of Utilizing Full-Body Lodox Digital Radiography in Forensic Pathology

Kyla M. Jorgenson, Joshua Lanter, Andrea L. Wiens


Introduction: The purpose of this study was to measure the time spent by a single autopsy assistant in obtaining full-body radiographic imaging in a forensic pathology setting. The Lodox digital radiography (DR) system was compared with a traditional cassette-based portable computed radiography (CR) system to quantify time saved by the [...]... Continue Reading

eXero-dr Uncover forensic radiology with eXero-dr (10/13/2017) -

Over the past 3 to 4 years, Lodox has experienced rapid growth in the forensic pathology sector and, as this market continues to grow, we continue to innovate.

Following several years of customer engagement and research, we have created an imaging system designed specifically for forensic pathologists and the daily challenges they face. This is a world-first - a full-body X-ray scanner designed, developed and specifically tailored for forensic use.

The eXero-dr is a product [...]... Continue Reading

Putting a face to the name. Meet Our New CEO (8/3/2017) -


It is with great excitement that we introduce you to our new CEO, Mr Mbuyazwe Magagula. He prefers to be called by his first name, Mbuyazwe. He admits that most non-Nguni language speaking people find it difficult, but since he had no choice in the matter, they must just live with it!

Putting a face to the name – our new CEO, Mbuyazwe [...]... Continue Reading

Our booth at the American Academy of Forensic Science 2017 conference in New Orleans. Lodox NA Does “The Big Easy” (5/2/2017) -

New Orleans or N’Awlins as pronounced by aficionados was the host city for the American Academy of Forensic Science 2017 conference. With attendees upwards of 4000 at the Hyatt Regency Downtown, this year’s event offered energetic experiences both in and especially outside the conference. Long referred to as “The Big Easy”, the city’s famous French Quarter with the start of Mardis Gras festivities was just around the [...]... Continue Reading

Hospital radiography personnel were trained over six sessions and the Lodox team visited the hospital numerous times to ensure that they make best of the Xmplar-dr. Making Headlines at Al Qassimi and Rashid hospital UAE (4/25/2017) -

Lodox Systems commissioned two new Xmplar-dr’s in the United Arab Emirates making the UAE its lead market in the Middle East. The two machines were installed at Rashid Hospital, Dubai and Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah.

Rashid hospital installed its first Statscan ten years ago and it has served as a showcase site by defining a trauma protocol that made best use of the machine and the Lodox [...]... Continue Reading

The team who made it happen: Lodox representatives, Thelle Mogoerane Hospital Management and social workers Nelson Mandela Day: The Gift of Giving (4/25/2017) -

Nelson Mandela Day was launched on the great statesman’s birthday (18 July) in 2009 as a call to action for individuals everywhere to take responsibility for making the world a better place, one small step at a time, just as Mr Mandela did for more than 67 years.

To celebrate this Nelson Mandela Day, all that is required is an action that [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox Africa Health 2016 Africa Health 2016 (4/25/2017) -

This year’s Africa Health exhibition attracted well over 9 000 attendees and 541 exhibitors to Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg. With the Xmplar-dr scanner gracefully in action on our stand, we attracted many visitors – from existing customers and users to potential customers from Asia, Europe and Africa.

Lodox Systems’s Africa Health stand at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg

There was a [...]... Continue Reading

Allegheny County VE1 Statscan Solution San Bernardino Sheriff Coroner added to Lodox NA installations (4/25/2017) -

National focus on recent mass casualty incidents has increased pressure for funding forensic technology, both locally and federally.  Medical Examiners and Coroners offices around the US are seeing much needed upgrades to aged and obsolete radiology equipment.  With 4 new installations so far in 2016, Lodox Full-Body Imaging has become a key “must-have” tool in improving workflow and investigative imaging capabilities in North America. [...]... Continue Reading

The Lodox Journey Customer Centricity: Engraining the customer into our veins (4/25/2017) -

Customer Centricity – A specific approach to doing business that focuses on the customer to ensure that they are at the center of the business’s philosophy, operations and ideas in order to align the development of products and services around the customer’s existing and future needs.

We live in the Age of the Customer.

Today’s world is hyper-connected. A customer’s overall experience with [...]... Continue Reading

Zanda Ntshingila, Lodox's Clinical Applications Specialist, cannot help but admire the beauty of the Xmplar-dr ICEM 2016: The 16th International Conference on Emergency Medicine (4/25/2017) -

The 16th International Conference on Emergency Medicine, ICEM 2016, the largest of its kind in Africa, took place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), from 18 – 21 April 2016.

The theme for this year: Emergency Medicine Now: Knowledge, Action and Accountability, was well represented within all the workshops and presentations held at the conference.

Promising four days filled with impactful presentation [...]... Continue Reading

ICEM2016 logo Less than 50 days to go … (3/2/2016) -

In less than 50 days the largest emergency medicine conference to take place in Africa will be held in Cape Town, South Africa.

The 16th International Conference on Emergency Medicine, ICEM2016, will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), from 18 – 21 April 2016.

Lodox will have a stand at the conference, and we will be glad to show you how [...]... Continue Reading

thumbnail New beginnings in the Middle East (2/25/2016) -

Arab Health 2016 was the fourth consecutive year that Lodox Systems proudly exhibited our full-body low-dose X-ray systems at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. This year, however, there was the promise of something new!

Lodox stand at Arab Health 2016

Not only did Lodox show off a brand-new and fully functional Xmplar-dr scanner, but our new Middle Eastern representative, Planet Pharmacies, joined us in [...]... Continue Reading

Arab Health logo thumbnail for featured image Visit Lodox at Arab Health 2016 in Dubai (1/20/2016) -

Arab Health’s year-on-year growth rate of 10% means there will be more than 4000 exhibitors with an anticipated attendance of 130 000 healthcare professionals from 163 countries visiting the conference this January. This is one healthcare exhibition you cannot afford to miss in 2016. 

Arab Health 2016 takes place in Dubai, UAE, from 25 – 28 January 2016 in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

Come visit [...]... Continue Reading

Mondrian image Seeing the bigger picture (1/13/2016) -

There are days when you drive the same highway you always take, and suddenly the traffic is all snarled up and you are stuck in the middle of it. As you inch along bumper-to-bumper, it is very difficult to determine the cause of the congestion, or to see alternatives to get out of the traffic jam. Sometimes, once you are through the worst of it, [...]... Continue Reading

20151203_101949 Just in time for Christmas (12/4/2015) -

3 December 2015, Bern, Switzerland: Another proud moment for the Lodox team. 

The first Lodox installation in Europe was at Inselspital in Bern, Switzerland. That particular Statscan full-body scanner has been delivering reliable service since 2006. Not only has the scanner been useful in providing rapid radiographic information to trauma doctors, but it has also been at the centre of a slew of research – in [...]... Continue Reading

Miss nothing. faster. in Forensics (10/21/2015) -

High speed, full-body imaging assists the forensic pathologist by reducing the time taken to complete autopsy examinations. Please CLICK the image for Full Pictogram

... Continue Reading
pitching, feature image The Art of Pitching (10/20/2015) -

We have all – at one point or another – had to endure a dreadful presentation that almost put us to sleep: the presenter talked in a slow, monotonous voice; the presentation was read word-for-word; a laser pointer was shaken back and forth across each slide like a nasty red insect in a frenzy; the text in the slides was too small and too dense; [...]... Continue Reading

piggy tail The Lodox Spring Breakfast Cook-off (10/6/2015) -

In anticipation of a long weekend over Heritage Day, the annual Lodox Spring Cook-off took place on 24th September. Everybody in the company was divided into one of four teams, colour-coded this year. The teams were presented with a “surprise ingredients” box from which they had to produce a sweet and a savoury breakfast by 12h00, sharp. 

Flippin’ nice pancakes

The Red Team named themselves the [...]... Continue Reading

NAME logo The National Association of Medical Examiners Annual Meeting, NAME 2015 (10/5/2015) -

The National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) holds an annual conference in the USA during which the latest research finding in forensic medicine are presented and shared. This year the meeting takes place in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, at the Westin Charlotte. The conference runs from 2 to 6 October 2015.

Lodox Systems is a proud sponsor of this conference, and is a Platinum Level Partner [...]... Continue Reading

sais-logo-20153 Innovation Intelligence at the SA Innovation Summit 2015 (8/19/2015) -

In a week’s time the 8th South African Innovation Summit will kick off at the Cape Town Stadium, nestled below Lion’s Head. The conference runs from 26 to 29 August 2015.

This year’s theme is “Innovation Intelligence”. There will be talks and debates, exciting workshops, business matchmaking and all sorts of opportunities to interact with entrepreneurs to find out just what it takes to innovate and [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox technicians installing the covers on the C-arm Christmas in July for 2 Military Hospital (8/14/2015) -

The latest recipient of a Lodox low-dose, full-body X-ray scanner was 2 Military Hospital, located in Wynberg, Cape Town.  The hospital was built in 1979 and is currently undergoing a major refurbishment, destined to be completed in 2017. The Lodox installation, completed in July, is part of the upgrade of the radiology suite. This brings to six the number of installations in the greater Cape [...]... Continue Reading

stop child abuse Skeletal surveys to determine child abuse (7/29/2015) -

In medico-legal jargon the term “non-accidental injury” (NAI) is a euphemism for physical abuse resulting in an injury. A large proportion of the victims of abuse are children, many of them under the age of four. In April this year the Aunt Minnie Radiology website featured an article that reported on shocking statistics at an inner-city hospital in Boston, USA, stating that a quarter of [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox essential for Trauma Lodox – a critical component in trauma (7/16/2015) -

The full-body X-ray machine plays a significant role in the initial management of a trauma patient, and is an important advance in the trauma imaging repertoire. Please CLICK the image for Full Pictogram


... Continue Reading
Bronchiolitis with arrows Full-body Imaging to Obviate Autopsy in a case of Death from Bronchiolitis (6/1/2015) -

A case study from the Salt River Forensic Pathology Services Laboratory, Cape Town, South Africa.

Introduction Bronchiolitis is a respiratory tract infection of the bronchioles, the tiny terminal branches of the airways in the lungs. It is usually caused by a viral infection and mostly affects infants and young children because of their small airways. Although it is generally a mild disease, it can develop into [...]... Continue Reading

Training session A dozen, and then some … (5/12/2015) -

When the Minister of Economic Development, Mr Ebrahim Patel, announced on 29 May 2014 that the Gauteng Department of Health would be ordering 12 new Lodox X-ray scanners, everybody at Lodox knew this meant a huge amount of work was going to be necessary so that the order could be fulfilled by the end of the government’s  financial year, 31 March 2015.

Radiographers with their [...]... Continue Reading

association Logos Prevention and Preparedness (4/20/2015) -

The 19th World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WCDEM) will be held in Cape Town (also known as the “Mother City”), South Africa. The conference runs from 21 to 24 April 2015 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). The event will be hosted by the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM) in conjunction with the Emergency Medicine Society of South [...]... Continue Reading

C-arm view A world first – for the second time (4/2/2015) -

When a Lodox Statscan was installed at the Salt River Forensic Pathology Services (FPS) Laboratory – locally also known as the Salt River Mortuary – in September 2007, this facility made history: It became the first mortuary in the world to have a Lodox full-body scanner.

About a week later, the second forensic installation was commissioned at Tygerberg FPS, a similar facility in the northern suburbs [...]... Continue Reading

STRD 2015 logo Visit Lodox at the Swiss Trauma & Resuscitation Day in Bern, Switzerland (3/23/2015) -

The Bern University Hospital will be hosting the 4th Swiss Trauma & Resuscitation Day on 27 March 2015.

The day starts early and will be jam-packed with presentations and workshops to share ideas and experiences, and to sharpen up your skills in trauma management.

Lodox will also be there as an exhibitor. Please come past our stand to see the latest offerings for your ER.

... Continue Reading
David Kelso High-tech gadgets for smartphones (2/27/2015) -

Prof. David Kelso from the Biomedical Engineering department at Northwestern University in Chicago and Mr Mladen Poluta from the Healthcare Technology Management Programme in the Biomedical Engineering division at the University of Cape Town (UCT) have an ongoing collaboration. Each year several students from Northwestern University visit South Africa for several weeks and initiate projects in local communities as part of their studies. They investigate [...]... Continue Reading

camel A busy week at Arab Health 2015 in Dubai (2/6/2015) -

Setting up the booth for Arab Health 2015

Once again, Arab Health in Dubai, UAE, did not disappoint with the massive turn-out: statistics indicate increased growth with attendance up from previous years. This is truly a massive and comprehensive trade fair and conference.


Desert outside the city

Dubai is a fascinating success story of how the desert has been conquered and turned into a very modern [...]... Continue Reading

Arab Health logo Lodox will be attending Arab Health 2015 in Dubai (1/21/2015) -

Arab Health is a massive trade fair and conference which will showcase the latest trends in healthcare technology. Last year this event recorded almost 11-thousand delegates, more than 87-thousand visitors and over 3700 exhibitors. With a 10% year-on-year growth rate, Arab Health 2015 promises to be an event you will not want to miss.

Dubai Skyline, (c) www.arabhealthonline.com

Arab Health 2015 will be taking place in [...]... Continue Reading

IALM logo Forensic Autopsy X-ray Imaging (1/16/2015) -

Under the patronage of His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, hosted by Dubai Police, the 23rd Congress of the International Academy of Legal Medicine will be taking place in Dubai from 19 – 21 January 2015.



The venue is Sheikh Maktoum Hall, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Please visit us at stand C13 (view the exhibition floor [...]... Continue Reading

Tambo Memorial Hospital “If I could, I would steal the Lodox, but I don’t think it will fit in my car” (12/5/2014) -

The Gauteng roll-out of Lodox scanners continues apace. The latest hospital to be “lodoxed” is Tambo Memorial Hospital in Boksburg, Gauteng. Lodox is almost half-way through the roll-out, with this installation being number five out of 12, and the sixth Xmplar-dr to be installed in South Africa.

Tambo Memorial Hospital

Lodox Xmplar-dr in situ in the hospital’s trauma unit

Nine radiographers were trained after the installation [...]... Continue Reading

The completed installation, ready for use Kalafong Hospital has been Lodoxed (11/7/2014) -

The fourth Lodox installation out of the 12 in the Gauteng roll-out was recently completed (on 3 November) at Kalafong Hospital near Atteridgeville, Pretoria. This is now the fifth Xmplar-dr installation in the country.

Unloading the Lodox Xmplar-dr from the truck at Kalafong Hospital

Mr Emmanuel Kabongolo, a Senior Integration & Commissioning Technician at Lodox who was featured in our January 2014 newsletter, completed the installation and [...]... Continue Reading

The Lodox Stand at WFF2014 with Mr Christian Di Zio (Sales & Marketing Executive) left and Ms Saskia Nysschens (Product Manager) right. Reflections on the recent Asia trip (11/5/2014) -

Text and photos by Saskia Nysschens

Lodox Systems exhibited at the World Forensic Festival (WFF) in Seoul, Korea in mid October 2014 hosted by the National Forensic Services (NFS). There was a large turnout at the conference as four prominent conferences were brought together simultaneously under the banner of the WFF, one being the 20th World Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS2014).

The [...]... Continue Reading

MRC logo The MRC commends Lodox PhD researchers and their paper (10/21/2014) -

Every month the South African Medical Research Council (MRC) brings out a listing of recent high-profile publications in their MRC Celebrates Science newsletter. The newsletter contains the abstracts of recent South African publications in high-impact, peer-reviewed journals, reflecting the high quality of research that is conducted at South African universities.

Journals can be rated in several ways in order to create a differential between very prestigious [...]... Continue Reading

WFF logo, just title Full-body imaging for post-mortem examinations (10/8/2014) -

This year South Korea’s National Forensic Services is hosting three forensic meetings simultaneously under the banner of World Forensic Festival 2014 (WFF 2014): The 20th World Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS 2014), the 6th Asian Forensic Sciences Network Annual Meeting & Symposium (AFSN 2014) and the 5th Meeting of the Asia Pacific Medico-Legal Association (APMLA 2014).

Such a large meeting is bound [...]... Continue Reading

Unipath logo How can Lodox make a difference in your forensic pathology laboratory? (9/8/2014) -

The International Congress of the Federation of South African Societies of Pathology (FSASP) will be hosting their 54th International Congress from 19 – 21 September, 2014 at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria. Their co-host this year is the University of Pretoria.

Lodox has been making steady inroads into the forensic medicine market, with three installations in South Africa (a fourth currently underway) and a further [...]... Continue Reading

cutting the ribbon President Zuma officially opens Dr Harry Surtie Hospital, Upington (9/3/2014) -

On Tuesday, 3 September, President Jacob Zuma officially opened the new Dr Harry Surtie Hospital in Upington. This hospital replaces the old Gordonia Hospital in Upington, and features state-of-the-art medical equipment, including a Lodox Xmplar-dr full-body, low-dose X-ray scanner. In fact, this scanner is the very first Lodox Xmplar-dr off the production line, and the first Xmplar-dr installation in the world. The X-ray scanner was [...]... Continue Reading

Dr Sindiswe van Zyl #WomenInHealth: an interview with medical practitioner Dr Sindiswe van Zyl (9/1/2014) -

Lodox is committed to improving health-care and recognising the many stakeholders who, through their dedication and innovation, contribute to the efficient and effective delivery of health services.  In August 2014 we celebrated National Women’s Month by honouring and identifying women in South Africa who share this commitment.

Commemorating the work of South African female health-care professionals, and with the aim of inspiring more young women to [...]... Continue Reading

Dr Linda Liebenberg #WomenInHealth: an interview with Senior Forensic Pathologist, Dr Linda Liebenberg (9/1/2014) -

Lodox is committed to improving health-care and recognising the many stakeholders who, through their dedication and innovation, contribute to the efficient and effective delivery of health services.  In August 2014 we celebrated National Women’s Month by honouring and identifying women in South Africa who share this commitment.

Commemorating the work of South African female health-care professionals and with the aim of inspiring more young women to [...]... Continue Reading

dti logo Investing in the future (8/27/2014) -

South Africans are known to be innovators and inventors. A previous article mentioned several of the great ideas that have come out of this country. The Times Live website recently listed the Lodox full-body scanner as one of South Africa’s “Best flashes of genius”.

Innovation is more than simply recognising a need and then finding a potential and novel solution. That is only the first important [...]... Continue Reading

edd_logo Another endorsement for Lodox by the South African government (8/5/2014) -



On 22 July the Minister of Economic Development, Mr Ebrahim Patel, gave his budget vote speech in Parliament. Mr Christian di Zio, Sales & Marketing Manager from Lodox, was an invited guest. The Minister outlined the key strategy for economic transformation in South Africa. He listed six “i”s that will be the focus: Infrastructure, industrialisation, investment, innovation, inclusion and integration. 

Under the heading Industrialisation, Investment & [...]... Continue Reading

HK Convention Centre at night, viewed from Kowloon Reflections on our recent trip to South-East Asia (8/1/2014) -

ICEM2014 Lodox stand, with Mr Christian di Zio (Sales & Marketing Manager) left and Mr Stef Steiner (Assistant Product Manager) right

Lodox Systems recently returned from the International Conference of Emergency Medicine (ICEM 2014) in Hong Kong where we had an exhibition stand. There was a large turn-out at the conference, and a lot of traffic came past the stand. Lodox engaged in many fruitful [...]... Continue Reading

Latest Lodox Newsletter July 2014 (7/31/2014) -

Here is a link to our newsletter for you to read online.

... Continue Reading
ICEM 2014 logo Lodox will be exhibiting at ICEM 2014 in Hong Kong (6/5/2014) -

The first Lodox installation in Asia was a Lodox Statscan at the Show Chwan Memorial Hospital in Chunghua, Taiwan.

2014 is the year of the horse, and we would like to convey and reaffirm many of its good attributes: energetic, warm-hearted, enthusiastic and able being among them while exhibiting at the International Conference of Emergency Medicine (ICEM 2014) in Hong Kong from 11 – 14 June, [...]... Continue Reading

Minister of Economic Development, Ebrahim Patel Better by the dozen – a roll-out of 12 Lodox scanners in Gauteng medical facilities this financial year (5/30/2014) -

On Thursday, 29 May, the Minister of Economic Development, Ebrahim Patel, announced the roll-out of 12 Lodox full-body, low-dose X-ray scanners in medical facilities across Gauteng. The scanners will be installed during the current financial year, nine of them going to large hospitals which have a high trauma load, and the other three going to forensic pathology services (FPS) laboratories. The Minister said that “this [...]... Continue Reading

Africa Health logo Find out about the 13-second full-body, low dose X-ray scan at Africa Health 2014! (5/28/2014) -

Africa Health is a free-to-attend exhibition, hosting over 400 of the world’s leading manufacturers, distributers and service providers of healthcare.

Africa Health 2014 is being held at the Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, from 29 – 31 May, and offers many opportunities for the public and for healthcare professionals to exchange ideas, to discuss trends in technology and healthcare, and to engage on the healthcare problems unique [...]... Continue Reading

Saudi Health logo Lodox’s Second Exhibit at Saudi Health (5/19/2014) -

Lodox Systems currently has five installations in the Middle East, two of which are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One is in Riyadh, the other in Makkah. We are looking forward to increasing our presence in the region which began in 2006.

Saudi Health is the largest international healthcare event in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Health 2014 conference runs from 19 – 21 May 2014 [...]... Continue Reading

Dr Kyra Stull measuring bones Lodox makes no bones about its usefulness in forensic anthropology (5/9/2014) -

The Lodox Statscan has won several innovation and design awards which bear testimony to the creative and innovative thinking that goes on in the company. However, not only the engineers at Lodox like exploring and pushing the boundaries; the end-users of the scanners have also been thinking outside the box and looking for novel ways to exploit the features the Lodox scanners have to offer. [...]... Continue Reading

Tygerberg Hospital Crest And then there were five (4/8/2014) -

Tygerberg Hospital Crest

Lodox has just completed the fifth Western Cape installation of our award-winning full-body, low-dose X-ray scanner. This is the third Xmplar-dr installation in South Africa, and the second one in the greater Cape Town Metropole. This Xmplar-dr is located in the trauma unit of Tygerberg Hospital, the second largest hospital in South Africa, and the largest and busiest hospital in the W-Cape.

The [...]... Continue Reading

Old Groote Schuur Hospital, image courtesy of Danie van der Merwe Out with the old, in with the new (4/8/2014) -

Groote Schuur Hospital, standing in the shadow of Devil’s Peak, is one of Cape Town’s largest and busiest hospitals. It is also a teaching hospital linked to the University of Cape Town, where many famous doctors, surgeons and nurses have been trained and where new medical personnel are currently being trained.

Old Groote Schuur Hospital, image courtesy of Danie van der Merwe

The original hospital was [...]... Continue Reading

Talk Radio 702 Shapeshifters (2/19/2014) -

In mythology and folklore, the term “shapeshifting” refers to a being’s physical ability to change from one form to another.

Radio 702 has a regular Wednesday evening feature called Shapeshifters with Bruce Whitfield. During this timeslot Bruce interviews someone who is making a difference in the business world. Tonight’s featured guest is Mr Pieter de Beer, CEO of Lodox Systems.

Tune in tonight, Wednesday 19 February, at [...]... Continue Reading

Invitation to a scrumptuous breakfast and talks about the Lodox scanner Fostering cooperation at the Lodox Roadshow 2014 – Cape Town Breakfast Symposium (2/13/2014) -

Invitatation to a sumptuous breakfast and talks about the Lodox scanner.

During January and February, Lodox held a series of Breakfast Symposia on a roadshow to Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KZN and the Western Cape. Guests from current installation sites, as well as potential new target sites, were invited to listen to presentations from end users. The invited speakers highlighted their experiences with, and the advantages of [...]... Continue Reading

ABC's Grey's Anatomy logo Another appearance of the Lodox Statscan on Grey’s Anatomy (2/3/2014) -


The storyline of the successful use of the Lodox Statscan in Seattle’s fictitious Grace Mercy West Hospital continues in abc’s very popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy on MNET tonight (Season 10, Episode 12 – Get Up, Stand Up), Monday 3 February, at 19h30 on Channel 101.

Look out for the Lodox scanner used to image a boy who was trapped under a tractor. There are also [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox Quarterly newsletter – January 2014 (2/3/2014) -

Here is a link to our quarterly newsletter for you to read online.

... Continue Reading
OpenNetworks Google Apps logo Lodox goes live on Google Apps (1/17/2014) -

Not one to potter along, Lodox is always striving to improve, innovate and stay a step ahead of the rest. The year started off with some big changes in the way the company will communicate and manage its IT. OpenNetworks succeeded in getting the entire complement of 34 team members in Johannesburg, and two more in Cape Town, up and running on Google Apps within [...]... Continue Reading

Multiple Gunshot case from Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town Lodox for the Multiple Gunshot Wound Patient (12/20/2013) -

A case study from Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa.


A patient with multiple gunshot wounds presents many challenges for the attending physician. Though resuscitation and definitive management must happen rapidly, the traditional imaging methods required to inform treatment are often slow, cumbersome and located outside of resuscitation areas. The advantage of the Lodox machine is that it facilitates a fast, low-dose, [...]... Continue Reading

RSNA logo What went down at RSNA 2013 (12/12/2013) -

The Radiological Society of North America hosts the world’s largest annual radiological conference, RSNA, in Chicago, Illinois. This year, RSNA ran from 1 – 6 December. Unfortunately, with too many irons in the fire at the moment, Lodox was not able to attend the conference this year.

Despite our absence, Lodox has obviously left a mark in the field. The RSNA website referred to us [...]... Continue Reading

Modox team 2013 A hairy month in the office (12/4/2013) -

At the end of November some members of the Lodox team were all too happy to take up a sharp razor and remove a month’s growth of facial hair. No doubt, some of their partners will also feel relieved that the furry faces won’t be seen for another year.

This year’s mo’ efforts in the office raised almost a thousand rand which was donated to the [...]... Continue Reading

Dr Harry Surtie Hospital, Upington, main entrance Dr Harry Surtie Hospital in Upington gets first Lodox Xmplar-dr (12/3/2013) -

Dr Harry Surtie Hospital, Upington, main entrance

The town of Upington on the banks of the Orange / Gariep River in the Northern Cape recently opened a new hospital, the Dr Harry Surtie Hospital, formerly known as the New Upington Hospital. While the main section of the hospital is already up and running, some of the departments are still abuzz with new equipment being installed.

ER24 logo ER24 – You have been “Lodoxed” (11/14/2013) -

Language is alive and constantly changing and evolving as our society changes. We use language to communicate and express ideas. The beauty of language is that it is abstract, and we can be creative and use it to say the same thing in many different ways, some more direct and others more picturesquely.

Ever since the first Lodox Statscan scanners were installed, the process of scanning [...]... Continue Reading

Twitter icon Exhibiting and Tweeting at EMSSA 2013 (11/13/2013) -

Last week, from 5 to 7 November, Lodox exhibited at the EMSSA 2013 conference in Cape Town. This was a particularly good conference in terms of presentations and number of delegates attending, despite the financial crunch everybody is experiencing. Well done to Prof. Lee Wallace and his organising committee for hosting this event.

In order to assist with the conference, Lodox was happy to sponsor writing [...]... Continue Reading

uk-moustache-bar Movember at Modox (11/6/2013) -

According to the Movember website, “Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a moustache-growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health,” particularly testicular and prostate cancer.

What started as a challenge by 30 “Mo Bros” in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 has grown to over 1.1 million supporters worldwide in 2012.

Some of the lads at Lodox have again [...]... Continue Reading

EMSSA2013 logo One week to EMSSA 2013 (10/28/2013) -

This year’s Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa’s (EMSSA) Conference will be held from 5 to 7 November at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) in the beautiful Mother City. The conference is held every two years, so be sure not to miss it this year.

The theme for the conference is “Opportunity and Innovation in Emergency Medicine”. As the world’s only producer of a [...]... Continue Reading

Vehicle Collision World Trauma Day 2013: Prevention is Better than Cure (10/16/2013) -

October 17 marks World Trauma Day, a day set aside to consider the impact, prevention and treatment of traumatic injuries and deaths.


In its press release on the subject, the Trauma Society of South Africa focuses on road deaths as one of the leading, and most preventable, causes of traumatic death in South Africa. With the highest road mortality rate in the world (40 deaths per [...]... Continue Reading

Medic West Africa logo only Come and Visit Lodox at Medic West Africa Exhibition & Congress 2013! (10/16/2013) -

Earlier this year Lodox completed the first West-African installation of a Lodox Statscan full-body X-ray scanner at National Hospital, Abuja, Nigeria. On the back of that success, Lodox is attending Medic West Africa Exhibition & Congress 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria, from 16 – 18 October. This is the largest healthcare event in the region.

The Lodox delegates are hoping to meet interested parties at this conference [...]... Continue Reading

The Scream The Crazily Contested Creative Curry Cook-off (10/14/2013) -


It was not even 08h00, and the Quad at the Lodox office was already a hive of activity: four teams had gathered to set up their work spaces to prepare their specialty meals. This quarter’s brief for the team-building event had been for a curry cook-off.

Team Spring Curry

Team Spring Curry decided on a very light, breezy and colourful theme with their décor to coincide [...]... Continue Reading

Xmplar-dr Innovation A Shift in Digital Radiology: Lodox named Top Innovation Concept! (10/11/2013) -

The Accenture Innovation Index Awards took place at a gala event in Johannesburg last night. Lodox was proud to stand with other innovative South African companies in the final running. We are ecstatic that the achievements of our brilliant team of engineers, and our whole company, were recognised when we won the award for Most Innovative Concept in Digital Radiology.


Read more on BDLive, where Science [...]... Continue Reading

Pink_ribbon October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month (10/7/2013) -

Worldwide, more than 20% of cancers detected in women are breast cancer. The Cancer Association of South African (CANSA) estimates that one in 33 South African women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Although less common, men can also develop breast cancer, and the prognosis for men is usually not as good as for women because of late detection and diagnosis. Through [...]... Continue Reading

Forensic Pathology Round Table Discussion (10/7/2013) - Forensic Pathology Round Table Discussion

In the run-up to this year’s Laboratory Medicine Conference (LMC) held at the end of July 2013, the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at the University of Cape Town (UCT), together with Lodox Systems, hosted a Round Table Discussion. The title of the discussion was: The significance of new imaging technologies for forensic pathology – A South African and international [...]... Continue Reading

Angio Case Study Image Use of Lodox for Emergency Room Angiography (10/7/2013) -

A case study from the Accident & Emergency Unit of the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, South Africa.

Introduction Suspected injury to peripheral vasculature is not an uncommon occurrence in the Emergency Room (ER), and could result from fracture, dislocation or other trauma to the limbs. Either soft signs (history of bleeding, injury in proximity to major vascular structure, small non-expanding haematoma or diminished pulse) or hard [...]... Continue Reading

LightBulb Vote for Lodox in the Innovation Index Awards! (10/4/2013) -

From nearly 200 entrants, Lodox Systems has been selected as one of the top 19 innovative companies in South Africa! The Accenture Innovation Index is the first of its kind in the world, and was launched in SA this year. Supporters of Lodox are encouraged visit the BDLive Voting page and cast your vote for Lodox to win the Reader’s Choice Innovation award!



Lodox is proud [...]... Continue Reading

Engineering News logo Innovation is alive and well in South Africa (9/20/2013) -

Amid all the negative news we hear about South Africa, it is always encouraging to pick up on positive stories about the country and its people.

A small news article on the News24 website once again highlighted the ingenuity of South African entrepreneurs, whether they are farmers, business people, engineers or doctors, but to name a few. In this case, a South African innovator, Alan Flemming, [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox Forensic Pathology Three Discussions on Technology for Forensic Pathology (9/13/2013) -

Lodox was proud to host a recent Round Table discussion on Forensic Pathology in South Africa. Topics covered many areas, highlighting the difficulty that forensic pathologists are faced with in the absence of adequate financial and resource support, often due to an under-estimation of the importance, and value, of the work they perform.

The Panel members included Prof David Fowler (Chief Medical Examiner, Maryland Forensics, Baltimore, [...]... Continue Reading

Brazil Criminalistics Lodox at Brazil Criminalistics (9/13/2013) -

The Lodox Team will be attending the 22nd National Conference on Forensics this weekend in Brasilia, Brazil (September 14 – 19). The conference is the largest official forensics event in Brazil and is held in conjunction with the 5th International Conference on Forensic Sciences and the 22nd Technological Exhibition Applied to Forensics.

Lodox looks forward to meeting the doctors and scientists in this field and showing them [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox Sales Representative, Natasha Roux (left) discusses the benefits of Lodox with SORSA/RSSA attendees. Lodox at SORSA/RSSA Imaging Congress 2013 (8/26/2013) -

Lodox was pleased to attend the SORSA (Society of Radiographers of South Africa) RSSA (Radiological Society of South Africa) bi-annual meeting, held at the Durban International Convention Centre over the weekend.

The congress was well-attended, and several invited speakers (mainly from the USA) gave some very interesting presentations. There was a track dedicated to Emergency Radiology, illustrating some of the new techniques at use in this [...]... Continue Reading

TB case study image Full-body Imaging to Obviate Autopsy in a case of Death by Tuberculosis (8/21/2013) -

A case study from the Salt River Mortuary, Cape Town, South Africa; one of the world’s busiest mortuaries.


Tuberculosis (TB) is a common infectious disease, usually caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The disease usually attacks the lungs, but may also affect other organs or areas of the body. It is spread through the air by sputum particles, particularly when the patient coughs or sneezes. Left untreated, the [...]... Continue Reading

PLC URL QR code Using digital technology for teaching pathology (8/20/2013) -



The Pathology Learning Centre (PLC) at the University of Cape Town (UCT) has embarked on a drive using technology to make its vast collection of resources and specimens more accessible, both to students and researchers at UCT, as well as to visitors via the internet.

The PLC houses a collection of pathology specimens, from enlarged hearts to bone tumours, from foetuses to conjoined twins, and many [...]... Continue Reading

When is the best time to plant a tree? (8/7/2013) -

This was the question posed by Dr Ryan Blumenthal, Senior Specialist at Forensic Pathology Services, Pretoria, at the beginning of his presentation Towards the Establishment of a Forensic Science Society in South Africa during the recent LMC.

The answer, if one wants to benefit from the result, such as harvest fruit, enjoy the shade or use the wood is “20 years ago”! The next best time [...]... Continue Reading

Sci-Bono Logo Come speak to a scientist (8/1/2013) -

Have you ever wondered how something works? How something is made? How a scientist came up with a new idea?

Have you ever wished that a scientist could explain in simple terms how and why a complex thing came about, and how it functions?

Sci-Bono is an initiative by the Gauteng Department of Education to make science more accessible to the public. The Sci-Bono Discovery [...]... Continue Reading

photo3 smaller A successful exhibit at LMC 2013 (7/31/2013) -

Lodox attended the Laboratory Medicine Congress (LMC) 2013 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) from 29 – 31 July, 2013. Many fascinating talks were presented by various forensic pathologists. The Keynote Speaker Professor David Fowler, Chief Medical Examiner in Phoenix, Maryland USA, presented two very interesting talks. One was an overview of the Maryland Medical Examiners’ System review of death investigations in the [...]... Continue Reading

BHCC Lodox Salutes Nelson Mandela (7/24/2013) -

On Thursday, 18 July, the world celebrated International Nelson Mandela Day. To honour his spirit of giving and community building, every Lodox employee donated 67 minutes-worth of their salaries. The recipient was the Baragwanath Hospital Comforts Committee (BHCC), a charity that is dedicated to helping people in hospital, and helping the health system complete its valuable work. Among their noble enterprises are soup kitchens at [...]... Continue Reading

LMC logo Lodox at Laboratory Medicine Congress (LMC) 2013 (7/22/2013) -

Lodox will be attending the Laboratory Medicine Congress (LMC) 2013, to be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) from 28 – 31 July, 2013. The congress is aimed at a wide field of medical experts and laboratory scientists. In particular, forensic pathologists and medical examiners will benefit from a visit to our stand.

Please come and visit us at Stand PR45, very near [...]... Continue Reading

BMJ logo Do CT scans cause cancer? (7/22/2013) -

The term “radiation” immediately evokes an emotional response, and one of the first associations that comes to mind will be the term “cancer”. To the layperson, all forms of radiation are the same. However, radiation is a very broad term that covers a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, from radio waves through X-rays and gamma-rays. It is the latter two which are the potential cancer-causing agents. [...]... Continue Reading

The OCME building in Baltimore, Maryland. Lodox gives the Full Picture at OCME Maryland (7/15/2013) - The OCME (Office of the Chief Medical Examiner) in Baltimore, Maryland has a workload of over 4000 autopsies per year. Their website states that “Along with the medicolegal responsibility to determine cause and manner of death, OCME serves a critical public health role by identifying injury trends or potential infectious diseases that may pose risk to Marylanders.”


Radiological imaging is a fundamental part of the death investigation system. Traditional X-ray equipment is designed to image [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox Quarterly Newsletter July 2013 (7/3/2013) -

Our July quarterly newsletter for you to read online.

... Continue Reading
Red Cross Childrens hospital case study image Total body imaging evaluation after initial resuscitation in paediatric trauma (7/3/2013) -

A case study from the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa1


Trauma is the leading cause of morbidity, mortality and disability in childhood. Diagnostic errors in trauma departments are primarily attributable to inadequate radiographic practice, with missed fractures comprising the largest proportion of such errors2. Inadequate assessment may contribute up to 30% of early deaths in children with polytrauma3. The ability to [...]... Continue Reading

Finweek Cover $10 Million for free? Finweek Features Lodox (6/21/2013) -

This week’s issue of Finweek, one of South Africa’s most popular business publications, makes the statement “$10 million for Free: How an SA invention scored global exposure”. They are, of course, referring to Lodox’s recent, unsolicited appearance on the Grey’s Anatomy television show, where the Lodox scanner was used in the ER to save lives.

The well-known business journalist and radio personality who penned the article, [...]... Continue Reading

SAFlag Lodox Inspires Positivity (6/15/2013) -

South Africans from across the board have been inspired by the success story of a small South African company on a huge American medical drama. Following Lodox’s dramatic debut on local screens last Monday, people have shown how proud they are that a ground-breaking piece of medical technology is home-grown and home-made here in Mzansi.

Commenting on an article published by the Sowetan, people said “Something [...]... Continue Reading

Business Day Live logo Medical experts love the Lodox scanner (6/13/2013) -

Business Day Live (as well as many other news sources) was quick to publish an article about the Lodox Statscan the day after Grey’s Anatomy aired on MNet. That particular episode, Idle Hands, featured a fully-functional Lodox full-body scanner in the ER.

While the show is only make-believe, trauma surgeons who work in trauma units with a Lodox scanner also sing its praises. Professor Ken Boffard, [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox Team1 From Good to Grey: A South African story (6/11/2013) -

The South African Media have been abuzz today, following last night’s airing of the Grey’s Anatomy episode Idle Hands, featuring our proudly South African Lodox full-body X-ray scanner.

In the episode, the doctors and nurses of Grey+Sloane Memorial Hospital’s brand new ER are excited and amazed to have the Lodox Statscan in their trauma department. After a long wait of anxious anticipation, they are suitably impressed [...]... Continue Reading

en_logo Facing the challenges of the global recession (6/6/2013) -

Creamer Media’s popular Engineering News recently published an interview with our Sales & Marketing Manager, Christian di Zio, on the newly-unveiled Lodox Xmplar-dr, our latest low-dose full-body X-ray scanner.

In the article di Zio explains the advantages of this unique X-ray system and also points out the challenges when trying to break into the marketplace. The worldwide recession means many budgets for medical equipment have been [...]... Continue Reading

290px-Greys_Anatomy_title.svg Lodox Statscan on Grey’s Anatomy (6/4/2013) -

South African fans of Grey’s Anatomy on MNET will be treated to an episode (Season 9, Episode 18 – Idle Hands) next week on Monday 10 June, featuring the Lodox Statscan low-dose, full-body X-ray scanner.

The episode screens on Channel 101 at 19h30 South African time. Repeat broadcasts will be on Tuesday 11 June at 16h00, and on Sunday 16 June at 07h00. Be sure to [...]... Continue Reading

Delegates hearing about the finer points of the Xmplar-dr The busy month of May Exhibits (6/3/2013) -

May 2013 proved to be a very busy month for Lodox Systems: we were present at three conferences on three different continents, all within a matter of days.

The first exhibit was the 14th European Congress of Trauma & Emergency Surgery (ECTES) held in Lyon, France, from 4 – 7 May 2013. The congress was an excellent opportunity to showcase the new Xmplar-dr model to the [...]... Continue Reading

Image2a Innovate Africa (5/28/2013) -

Tune in tonight (Tuesday, 28 May 2013) to the CNBC Africa Channel (DSTv, Channel 410) to watch an interview with Lodox about medical innovation in Africa, and how companies such as Lodox are leading the way. The programme “Innovate Africa” airs at 21h30 South African time.

South Africans are creative inventors and innovators, and have a proud track record of finding solutions for local, as well [...]... Continue Reading

BMJ logo Cancer Risk in Children following CT Scans (5/27/2013) -

In May, the British Medical Journal published an article entitled Cancer risk in 680 000 people exposed to computed tomography scans in childhood or adolescence: data linkage study of 11 million Australians by John D Mathews and colleagues. This landmark paper attempts for the first time to relate incidences of cancer in young people to Computed Tomography (CT) scans received, through a large population-based study.

CaseStudy NEW: Submit Your Lodox Case Study Online! (5/21/2013) -

If you work in a hospital or mortuary that has a Lodox full-body X-ray scanner, we would love to hear about some of the interesting cases you have dealt with. In both trauma and forensic pathology applications, Lodox imaging saves time, and gives you the full picture. You can now tell us about how it has helped you, by sending us your case study via [...]... Continue Reading

Image Case Study 1 bright The use of Statscan Lodox in evaluating the injuries of an RTA patient (5/15/2013) -

A case study from the Emergency and Trauma Centre Rashid Hospital, Dubai. This centre is a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) facility accredited by Joint Commission International.

Radiology Clinical Educator & Jukha Al Badawi, Principle Radiographer & Clinical Supervisor, RH Emergency & Trauma Centre, Dubai


The unintended collision of one motor vehicle with another, a stationary object, or person, resulting in injuries, death and/or loss of property is [...]... Continue Reading

Saudi Health 2013 logo Come Visit the Lodox Exhibit at Saudi Health 2013 (5/10/2013) -

Lodox Systems will be exhibiting at Saudi Health 2013. This is the largest international healthcare event in Saudi Arabia. The conference runs from 12 – 14 May 2013, and is being held at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre (RICEC).

Come find us at stand # 125-2 where we will be together with our local representative Al-Hammad Medical. Speak to a representative to find out [...]... Continue Reading

Africa Health 2013 logo Come and Visit Lodox at Africa Health 2013! (5/3/2013) -

From May 7 – 9, Lodox will be exhibiting at the Africa Health conference, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, for the third consecutive year. This year’s Africa Health is in a new venue, the Gallagher Convention Centre, and promises to be a great opportunity to engage on the unique healthcare problems in Africa. The conference is free to attend, so come and visit Lodox’s stand [...]... Continue Reading

ECTES 2013 14th European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (5/2/2013) -

Lodox will be attending the 14th European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ECTES) at the Lyon Convention Centre in Lyon, France, from 4 – 7 May, 2013. The congress is being organised by the European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ESTES).

Please come and visit us at Stand 7 to find out about our latest product, the Lodox Xmplar-dr low-dose, full-body X-ray scanner. We [...]... Continue Reading

RadForensics Conference Lodox NA also attending RadForensics Conference this May (4/26/2013) -

Lodox NA is proud to attend the first annual RadForensics conference in Tunica, Mississippi from April 30th to May 2nd.  We at Lodox share their mission to further develop the field of Forensic Radiology and Imaging in the US and worldwide.  Our full-body, high-speed imaging technology is fast becoming a standard for Coroners and Medical Examiners, and our vision is to further the use of [...]... Continue Reading

Radiology and Imaging Conference Lodox NA to attend Radiology & Imaging Conference this May (4/26/2013) -

Lodox NA is excited to participate in our 2nd “Reverse Expo”; Radiology & Imaging Conference from 29 April to 1 May in Atlanta, GA.  With a signature format of providers manning the booths and vendors walking the floor, this unique environment allows for optimum networking between facility managers and suppliers. We look forward to exploring the potential of our newly launched Xmplar-dr full-body scanner as [...]... Continue Reading

stellenbosch-university-logo The Translucent Cadaver: Lodox in Education (4/18/2013) -

A recent study by the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, found yet another practical use for the Lodox Statscan: training medical students in surface anatomy.

Medical students will typically undergo practical hands-on training in anatomy by completing a dissection course. However, many medical students have difficulty visualising the position of internal structures and organs relative to surface landmarks.

Prior to dissection, the prepared cadavers were scanned with [...]... Continue Reading

brics 1 Lodox attends the BRICS summit in Durban (4/11/2013) -

Lodox Systems recently participated in the 5th annual BRICS summit, held in Durban, South Africa on 26th and 27th March, 2013. Lodox was part of the IDC (Industrial Development Corporation) pavilion which was showcasing South African inventions, technologies and industries.

BRICS is the acronym for an association of emerging national economies, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Apart [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox ER installation ….10, 11, 12, 13 (3/22/2013) -

Last night (Thursday 21 March), Lodox was privileged to be featured on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, Idle Hands (episode 9 x 18), as part of the brand new ER. Within the first 13 seconds of the episode, Dr Owen Hunt said the following about his prized new piece of equipment:

“13 seconds to run a low exposure, high-resolution full-body X-ray. When this ER reopens tomorrow, this [...]... Continue Reading

Foreign Object in patient Location of Foreign Bodies in an Adult without History or Physical Examination: A Case Study (3/21/2013) -

A case study from the Trauma and Emergency Unit of the Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland; one of Switzerland’s largest trauma units.



Patients are frequently admitted to emergency departments after foreign body ingestion and it is estimated that over 1500 people die each year in the USA alone following these incidents1. Accurate diagnosis and treatment are therefore crucial in avoiding severe complications in the oesophagus or gastrointestinal organs2. [...]... Continue Reading

Grey's Anatomy's Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital Lodox goes Grey on 21 March… (3/20/2013) -

The most-watched hospital on TV, Grey’s Anatomy’s Seattle Grace Mercy West (ABC Studios), has a brand new, state-of-the-art Emergency Room. Be sure to watch on 21 March (9/8c) to see Lodox in the limelight, and check back at www.lodox.com after the show.


Grey’s Anatomy’s Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital


... Continue Reading
Lodox exhibit at the second Swiss Trauma Day Lessons learned from patients, Swiss Trauma Day (2/25/2013) -

Lodox recently attended the second annual Swiss Trauma & Resuscitation day at Inselspital, Bern. The main theme of the conference was “Lessons learned from patients”. Many patients who are admitted to the hospital are received in the ER. In an emergency situation, it is critical that personnel in the ER can “learn” as much vital information about a patient in as short a time as [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox at 2nd Swiss Trauma & Resuscitation Day (2/22/2013) -

Lodox is proud to be attending the second annual Swiss Trauma & Resuscitation Day at Bern University Hospital (Inselspital). Lodox has had a long affiliation with this fine institute since 2006 where the first European Statscan installation took place. This is the second time Lodox will be present.

Come and visit us this Friday, 22 February 2013, at our exhibit to find out more about our [...]... Continue Reading

case1 Treatment of a Bariatric Trauma Patient after a Motor Vehicle Accident: A Case Study (2/12/2013) - This 55 year old, female patient, with a BMI of 38, was transported to the EMU by ambulance following a motor vehicle accident (MVA) in which she was hit by a car while crossing the street.... Continue Reading
ArabHealth Lodox success at Arab Health 2013 (2/4/2013) -

The Lodox team exhibited at the Arab Health congress from Monday to Thursday last week with great success. The energy at the show was palpable, which complimented our enthusiasm in launching the Xmplar-dr full-body X-ray scanner to the Middle East. Lodox was very pleased to be featured in Wednesday’s edition of the ArabHealth newspaper, ‘The Daily Dose’ – read what was said here. We look forward [...]... Continue Reading

Case Study, Rashid Hospital Fall from height Management of a patient with a history of fall from height (1/23/2013) -

A case study from the Emergency and Trauma Centre Rashid Hospital, Dubai. This centre is a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) facility accredited by Joint Commission International.Asmhan Al Sajwani, Radiology Clinical Educator and Jukha Al Badawi, Radiology Clinical Supervisor

Introduction: In the last 10 years the UAE has witnessed a rapid growth in the construction industry, which is pivotal in setting a pioneering record at economy and [...]... Continue Reading

Come and hear about Xmplar-dr at Arab Health 2013, stand S1B80 (1/17/2013) -

Lodox Systems will exhibit at the Arab Health Medical Congress in Dubai for the first time in 2013. With over 3 500 exhibitors and more than 83 000 attendees, Arab Health is one of the foremost medical congresses, which Lodox is looking forward to joining. Come and visit us at stand S1B80 in the Saeed 1 Hall from the 28th to the 31st of January [...]... Continue Reading

PhilipESPalmer Lodox Salutes Champion of African Radiology (1/17/2013) -

Dr Philip Palmer, advocate for quality, effective radiology in Africa and developing countries and “consience of radiology”, died on January  the 3rd at the age of 91. Dr Palmer started medical life in a small family practice in the west of England, but moved to the then southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1954, where he lived for 10 years. He later moved to the medical [...]... Continue Reading

Staff Training at VUEH with Lodox trainer and Spektramed engineer Lodox Statscan Number 2 in Europe! (12/12/2012) -

Lodox is proud to announce the second European installation of our Lodox Statscan full-body X-ray scanner. The Statscan was installed in Vilnius University Emergency Hospital (VUEH), Vilnius, Lithuania. Installation and training was completed in late November, together with our local agents, UAB Spektramed. VUEH is Lodox’s first installation in Lithuania, and our second in Europe (the first is Inselspital, in Bern, Switzerland). Vilnius is the [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox 10 Years 30 Years of Lodoxing (12/10/2012) -

This month marked the 10th year at Lodox for three of the team’s senior staff members, marking a total of 30 years of Lodox experience between them. All three were involved in the implementation of the Lodox X-ray technology from the start of the company in 2002, and the development of our first X-ray scanner, unofficially known as OLDOX. Paul van Looy (left) [...]... Continue Reading

Modox Modox does Movember (12/4/2012) -

The Lodox men marked the month of November by growing moustaches to raise awareness of Men’s Health issues, in the style of the Movember movement. In recent years, Movember (a portmanteau of Moustache and November) has gained in popularity as a month dedicated to raising awareness about diseases affecting men’s health, particularly prostate and testicular cancer. The Lodox (which became Modox for the [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox Xmplar-dr stand Lodox unveils the Xmplar-dr at RSNA 2012 (11/26/2012) -

The Lodox Xmplar-dr full-body X-ray scanner was unveiled today, 25 November 2012, at the annual congress of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The congress takes place at McCormick place, Chicago, USA, with three large halls of top quality exhibitors. The Lodox booth this year contains the first demonstration model of the new Xmplar-dr trauma and forensic pathology scanner, and is well worth a [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox rapid X-Ray system, safest lowest dose imaging. Lodox at RSNA 2012, a new shift in Radiology. (11/23/2012) -

Join us at RSNA 2012 from 25th Nov to the 30th.

... Continue Reading
RSNA-logo1-300x61 A Shift in Digital Radiology at RSNA 2012 (11/19/2012) -

Lodox will be exhibiting at the upcoming annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, in Chicago from the 25th to the 30th of November.

Come and see us at Booth 3503, South Building, Hall A where we will be revealing something new in digital radiology…

... Continue Reading
IDOR_Logo_rgb_ESR Lodox Celebrates the first International Day of Radiology (11/19/2012) -

On this day, 8 November, 117 years ago, Willhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered the existence of X-rays for the first time. More than a century later, the discipline of radiology is central to the successful practice of medicine throughout the world. Today the world celebrates the first International Day of Radiology (IDoR) will be celebrated. This has been coordinated jointly by the Radiological Society of North [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox banner Lodox at RNSA in November (11/15/2012) -

Lodox systems will be unveiling a new exemplar at RNSA 2012. Visit us at booth 3503 (South Building – Hall A)

... Continue Reading
Medical Examiners Logo Lodox at the North American Medical Examiners Annual Meeting, Baltimore (10/12/2012) -

Lodox exhibited at the annual meeting of the North American Medical Examiners (NAME) in Baltimore, Maryland, USA last weekend. The conference was well attended with Medical Examiners from around the USA, and some overseas visitors. The theme of ‘little things are important’ was particularly relevant to the Lodox full-body imaging capabilities, where even small details from any part of the body can be detected. The [...]... Continue Reading

Join Lodox at Africa Health and Win! (6/5/2012) -

Africa Health: Johannesburg Expo Centre, Nasrec, Johannesburg, South Africa

Lodox is pleased to again be exhibiting at the Africa Health conference this May. This marks the second year of the conference, and the second year of Lodox’s strong presence there. Visit us at stand 6A29, opposite the Black Eagle Conference rooms to find out more about our low-dose, full-body X-ray scanner.

Be sure not to miss our [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox will exhibit at ECTES Congress (6/5/2012) -

Lodox is excited to be exhibiting at the European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery for the first time in 2012. The theme for the ECTES Conference this year is ‘Many ways – one goal!’. This fits well with the many different ways the Lodox Digital X-Ray system can be used as a radiological tool in trauma and emergency medicine, always with the goal of treating [...]... Continue Reading

“The only thing I would swap my CT scanner for, is a Lodox Machine” Otto Chan (6/5/2012) -

Lodox shown at the Manchester Trauma Conference 2009

Lodox had its first public appearance in the UK at the International Trauma Conference in Manchester at the end of November.

Some 300 delegates were able to see our equipment first hand at the exhibition. It was well received and having Prof. Ken Boffard from Johannesburg, who was one of the main speakers at the conference on hand, helped [...]... Continue Reading

Lodox stand receives excellent feedback from delegates. (6/5/2012) -

Visitors, friends, colleagues, and even competitors where all complimentary about the Lodox stand at RSNA2009. The picture from the opening day proudly shows our delegation poising in front of the stand  - note that opening day was designated “red shirt day”! Left to right: Carlos Sousa, Marty Kulis, Lois Kulis, Ryan Tibbs, Herman Potgieter, Andre Verwey and Pieter de Beer.

... Continue Reading
Lodox Statscan Critical Imaging systems goes live at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. (6/5/2012) -

Lodox is proud to announce that the system was installed and commissioned in time for the first patient reporting to the brand new Trauma Unit.

... Continue Reading
Lodox Statscan evaluated (6/5/2012) -

In a review paper that was published recently in the Turkish Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery 2009;15(6):521-528, Dr Bardia Amirlak and his colleagues, describes their findings on evaluating the Lodox Statscan system at the Creighton University Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska. The work was focussed on the ability of Statscan to improve the outcomes for emergency patients

In the paper some illuminating case studies are described. [...]... Continue Reading

Statscan reported in Australian Journal (6/5/2012) -

In a recent letter to the Australian Journal of Internal Medicine , researchers from the Inselspital in Bern Switzerland reported on their experience with the Lodox Statscan system that is installed in the Trauma Unit. Several interesting cases and some unique findings are reported on.

With reference to the diagnostic quality of the x-rays the team found no difference between Statscan and other techniques with “good [...]... Continue Reading

The death of an airline passenger (6/5/2012) -

The Tygerberg Forensic Laboratory (Cape Town, South Africa) recently determined the cause the death of a passenger travelling on a commercial airflight to be a tension pneumothorax.

The lesions in the thorax could be clearly seen on their Lodox Statscan and where demonstrated by a left-sided tension pneumothorax, right shift of the mediastinum, depression of the left hemi- diaphragm, and collapse of the left lung – [...]... Continue Reading

Ready for the 2010 World Cup! (6/5/2012) -

No less than eight of the hospitals in South Africa that has been accredited as preferred facilities during the World Cup will be using the Lodox Statscan Critical Imaging System as their first line x-ray system for trauma and emergencies.

These hospitals are: King Edward VIII and Ngwelezana in KZN, Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic, Milpark and Chris Hani Baragwanath in Gauteng, Pelonomi in the Free Sate [...]... Continue Reading

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