Grey’s Anatomy

Lodox Scanner TV Debut

A Lodox Statscan was recently installed in the new ER department of  Grey + Sloane Memorial Hospital where the hit TV series “Grey’s Anatomy” is set.

In the episode ‘Idle Hands’ (Season 9, Episode 18), Lodox is used to take a full-body X-ray image in just 13 seconds. The machine emits very low levels of harmful radiation so patients and staff in the ER are as safe as possible.

Keep watching Grey’s Anatomy to see Lodox at work in the new ER.

  • See ABC site for more on Lodox’s TV debut
  • In the episode, the interns were using Lodox to find a missing glass marble. Would it really be useful for this? Read this case study to find out more.
  • Lodox is a proudly South African technology. Read more about our origins on the diamond mines of South Africa

Grey’s Anatomy is a fictional, medically-based TV series. The Lodox Statscan (and new Xmplar-dr) is a real, invaluable and unique piece of X-ray equipment that is used to save lives in 28 ERs around the globe.

Read about our installations, the science  behind our machine and how it works in emergency trauma  and forensic pathology.

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