The story of Lodox Systems is a story of how the application of innovative thinking and ingenuity can challenge existing paradigms and, ultimately, result in better, more effective healthcare practices. Lodox Systems designed and developed a full body medical X-ray solution that was derived from technology originally created for the security sector, specifically for the detection of stolen diamonds by the mining industry in South Africa.
This need created the ideal background for the team of engineers who took on the challenge to design an X-ray scanner with an ultra-low dose to be used for the frequent and rapid scanning of humans.It was realized that this South African technology had the potential to cause a revolution in the medical X-ray industry and, soon after the security breakthrough, further innovations adapted the system for medical purposes.
As a result of its unique set of characteristics, the Lodox solution is incredibly well-suited for operation in trauma hospitals and forensic pathology facilities. At the time, and even now, there is no known alternative solution that matches the Lodox scanner in the medical X-ray sphere globally.
Today many of the original team of engineers are still at Lodox – testament to the ongoing commitment and enthusiasm to provide and maintain a superior medical and forensic pathology solution.
The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of South Africa is the major shareholder of Lodox Systems and continues to support and fund ongoing research, development and product improvements.

In the early 1990’s De Beers needed a scanner for detection of stolen diamonds

Idea to use scanners in the medical field

First prototype at Groote Schuur Hospital

Statscan: First international Installation – Maryland Shock Trauma Centre, Baltimore

Disa SA Design Excellence Award

Europe: Inselspital Bern UAE: Rashid Hospital

First Forensic Installations in SA: Tygerberg Morgue, Salt River Morgue

IDC SA becomes major shareholder. First Forensic Installation in NA: Midwest Forensics resource Center, Minnesota

Frost & Sullivan 2010 Best Practices Award – South African Medical Imaging: Product Quality Leadership Award

Launch of Xmplar-dr

Accenture Innovation Index Award: Best Concept Lodox features on ‘Grey’s Anatomy

Gauteng 12 system rollout

Installation at Singapore Forensic Mortuary

Launch of eXero-dr

#100 machine and first eXero-dr installation at West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center