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Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd is a South African company that produces a unique full-body X-ray scanner – the only one of its kind currently on the market. Our most recent product, the Xmplar-dr X-ray system, provides full-body X-ray images in just 13 seconds, with minimal radiation dose (0.12mGy), and with exceptional image quality.

Our core markets are the medical trauma environment and Forensic Pathology (medico-legal) facilities. Lodox Head Office is proudly based in Sandton, Johannesburg, where our X-ray scanners are designed, built and distributed. We have dedicated agents managing sales in all areas of the globe, as well as our North American subsidiary, Lodox NA.


Lodox Critical Imaging Technology was first developed for use on the diamond mines of South Africa. In order to prevent the costly smuggling and theft of diamonds by mineworkers in the 1980′s and 90′s, a design for an X-ray security scanner was requested. The requirements were:

  • Ability to scan the entire human body to prevent diamond or equipment smuggling.
  • A resolution good enough to detect at least 1 carat 1/5 th of a gram) diamonds…
  • A speed fast enough so that large shifts of workers could be processed quickly and without bottlenecks in continuous operation.
  • The lowest possible X-ray dose for personnel safety with daily screening and still stay within the ICRP  recommendation for X-ray dosage to the general public.

An innovative team of engineers at De Beer’s diamond research labs developed such a scanner, and it was implemented with success as a security screening tool at the mines. When the core group of engineers realized that such technology could be of immense benefit in the world of medicine, particularly for Emergency and Trauma centres, they formed Lodox Systems, to further develop the technology for medical use and encourage its sale and distribution world wide.

After some experience it was found that the Lodox Full-body X-ray scanner was also ideal for use by forensic pathologists (medical examiners), as it assisted them in getting an accurate full body overview of injuries and foreign bodies quickly.

Lodox NA LLC based in Painesville, Ohio, responsible for sales and technical services in North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd.

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of South Africa has been a longstanding shareholder of Lodox Systems. In 2010 they became the major shareholder and continue to support and fund ongoing research, development and product improvements.

2012 marks the 10th year of operation for Lodox Systems, a decade of providing this unique, full-body X-ray technology to the medical world. Many of the original team of engineers are still at Lodox – testament to our ongoing commitment, enthusiasm in our product and to provide and maintain a superior medical and forensic pathology X-ray imaging system.


Management Team Sales and Marketing
Technical Service SA Lodox (North America) NA
Keith Rodford –  IT, Integration and Assembly Officer

and our dedicated development, mechanical fitting and assembly, finance and office teams

Lodox Team picture


Lodox® Systems adheres to and maintains international quality, conformance and regulatory requirements of the countries we operate in including South Africa, USA, EU, Switzerland, Canada and Japan.

The company is regularly audited by SGS to ensure adherence to strict medical and ISO safety standards.

Detailed information is available on request.

Some of our notable compliance records are:

K013999 Accession #0310920

QMS Conformity Certificate #5080212

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