International Day of Radiology 2017

International Day of Radiology 2017

International Day of Radiology is celebrated annually on the 8th of November. 122 years ago today, while performing experiments with the effect of cathode rays, Professor Wilhelm Roentgen discovered “Roentgenograms”, or rather X-rays, as we know them today.

This remarkable discovery revolutionized the entire medical profession, and set the foundation for diagnostic radiology.

One might say Prof. Roentgen was the very first Radiographer…

122 years later, we are still celebrating his discovery, and all professionals who continue to practice it today. The theme this year is Emergency Radiology, a cause that all of us at Lodox are very passionate about, as our critical imaging technology is driven by our purpose to save lives through innovative solutions.

Lodox Systems would like to commend all the radiographers out there that are saving lives every single day; you are the “silent heroes” behind the scenes! You are truly, the colour behind the X-rays.

Thank You!

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