Uncover forensic radiology with eXero-dr

Uncover forensic radiology with eXero-dr

Over the past 3 to 4 years, Lodox has experienced rapid growth in the forensic pathology sector and, as this market continues to grow, we continue to innovate.

Following several years of customer engagement and research, we have created an imaging system designed specifically for forensic pathologists and the daily challenges they face. This is a world-first - a full-body X-ray scanner designed, developed and specifically tailored for forensic use.

The eXero-dr is a product of our close partnerships and extensive dialogue with customers that experience our solution in real world, everyday situations within their morgues. We have, together with the help of our customers, named the new model eXero-dr as it comes from Latin meaning “to uncover/reveal”. This exciting new model will aid forensic pathologists to uncover invaluable information and reveal answers even better and with more ease than ever before.


Uncover Forensic Radiology

The eXero-dr story

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