San Bernardino Sheriff Coroner added to Lodox NA installations

San Bernardino Sheriff Coroner added to Lodox NA installations

National focus on recent mass casualty incidents has increased pressure for funding forensic technology, both locally and federally.  Medical Examiners and Coroners offices around the US are seeing much needed upgrades to aged and obsolete radiology equipment.  With 4 new installations so far in 2016, Lodox Full-Body Imaging has become a key “must-have” tool in improving workflow and investigative imaging capabilities in North America. Erie County ME (Buffalo NY), Allegheny County ME (Pittsburgh PA), San Bernardino Sheriff Coroner (CA), and the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System (Dover AFB, Delaware) have all chosen the Lodox Statscan solution to help improve daily caseload imaging.

If only we would have had this unit before the recent terrorist mass shooting here. It took us 36 hours to just image the victims of the attacks not including our typical caseload.” – Deputy Morales – Morgue Supervisor, San Bernardino.  Cutting time from 30+ minutes per case to as little as 5 minutes, radiographs become much more of an informational asset than an arduous task for the pathology staff. “With San Bernardino being the third Lodox purchased in California Forensic offices since 2014, we are seeing a county to county recommendation for the Lodox” said Steven McMurray of Radiological Specialists INC, our California Distributor.

San Bernardino VE1 Statscan Solution

With new National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) guidelines now requiring full-body coverage by radiographs on all decomposed and burned victims, improved imaging capabilities helps with facility certification and accreditation.  In researching grant and funding justification for new imaging equipment at Pittsburgh’s Allegheny County ME last year, flexibility to improve protocols and time-saving per case were top on the list for potential equipment benefits.  Now that they have been using the Lodox for a few months, the value is being seen in daily autopsy efficiency.

Allegheny County VE1 Statscan Solution

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