Customer Centricity: Engraining the customer into our veins

Customer Centricity: Engraining the customer into our veins

Customer Centricity – A specific approach to doing business that focuses on the customer to ensure that they are at the center of the business’s philosophy, operations and ideas in order to align the development of products and services around the customer’s existing and future needs.

We live in the Age of the Customer.

Today’s world is hyper-connected. A customer’s overall experience with a brand can no longer be an afterthought as customers are referencing one another daily through the likes of Facebook and Twitter. They have access to a wealth of information – more than ever before – and the choices available to them are tremendous. Competing on price and quality allows you play in a market but to ultimately win the game, Customer Experience has to be at the epicenter of a brand’s DNA.

Moving towards a more customer-centric Lodox revolves largely around creating a culture of customer centricity within our organization. This shift in culture is not an achievement, but rather a journey that we have to continually move along. The journey requires full commitment from every single employee, as everyone has a role to play in satisfying and hopefully, delighting the customer.

The Lodox Customer Centricity Journey

The employee experience will be our starting pointmoving from the inside out by creating brand ambassadors that believe in what they do and have pride, not only in their personal brand, but in the Lodox brand. In this way, each employee will continually strive to deliver great customer experiences.

Even the smallest interaction our customers have with us, our product, or service should be a great experience. Recognizing customer needs, discovering new insights into how problems can be solved, and applying great minds to come up with solutions that make the life of the customer better, all contribute to a great customer experience.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to create an unforgettable Lodox brand, delving into our customer and employee experiences, learning from them and improving on them.


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