New beginnings in the Middle East

New beginnings in the Middle East

Arab Health 2016 was the fourth consecutive year that Lodox Systems proudly exhibited our full-body low-dose X-ray systems at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. This year, however, there was the promise of something new!

Lodox stand at Arab Health 2016

Not only did Lodox show off a brand-new and fully functional Xmplar-dr scanner, but our new Middle Eastern representative, Planet Pharmacies, joined us in making this the most successful Arab Health Expo of them all.

Lodox and Planet Pharmacies representatives. From left to right: Christian, Juanco, Zena, Tamryn and Pieter.

To say that the Lodox stand was a hive of activity would be an understatement akin to calling Arabic cuisine “somewhat tasty”. Our discussions, negotiations and less formal chats with our new partners were as fulfilling, varied and delightful as an evening spent around a table sampling tabouleh, moutabal, fattoush, and the exceptional tastes of an Arabic mixed grill.

Planet Pharmacies is a multi-national company with a footprint that spans across the GCC countries in a range of segments including pharmaceuticals, medical devices and sports nutrition. To add to its individual strength as a company, it operates under the Julphar Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries umbrella – an   organization with operations in more than 40 countries.

In addition to the many valuable discussions with the Planet pharmacies staff, we were able to meet with and negotiate contracts with new distributors in several new territories. Lodox, via Planet Pharmacies, now also boasts representation in Kuwait, Oman, and Egypt – with new territories to be added soon.

The Xmplar-dr scanner stole the show and quite literally stopped passers-by dead in their tracks. With its impressive 13-second full-body scan demonstrations and AP (antero-posterior) to lateral automatic movements, viewers took to superlatives such as “gorgeous”, “incredible” and “astounding” to describe this proudly South African creation. It helped that the outputs that they were treated to were digital X-rays of the highest quality, expressing all injuries and pathology on a single image of the entire body. Several key opinion leaders and members of health ministries spent a valuable portion of their time at the stand and it is clear that the Lodox installed base will increase over the coming years.

Clinicians and our Planet Pharmacies distributor at Arab Health

Arab Health attracted over 4 000 exhibitors and over 130 000 visitors this year, and is rapidly becoming one of the most important healthcare conferences in the world. As an illustration of this, we had the pleasure of meeting with our new distributor in Korea – M.I Tech Co., Ltd. As a result, Lodox is confident that we will be making an exciting new announcement in our 2nd newsletter of 2016 …

Lodox with our South Korea distributors, M.I. Tech. From left to right: Mr Han, CEO, Pieter de Beer, Mr Euo, Head of Sales, Christian Di Zio, Ms Lee, Compliance.

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