Just in time for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas

3 December 2015, Bern, Switzerland: Another proud moment for the Lodox team. 

The first Lodox installation in Europe was at Inselspital in Bern, Switzerland. That particular Statscan full-body scanner has been delivering reliable service since 2006. Not only has the scanner been useful in providing rapid radiographic information to trauma doctors, but it has also been at the centre of a slew of research – in the order of 15 peer-reviewed journal papers – that has been conducted at this university hospital. 

At some point, even a reliable workhorse is eventually put out to pasture. The end of November saw the Lodox team install a brand new Xmplar-dr full-body scanner to replace the Statscan. 

Fitting in with the strict regimen and working like a Swiss watch mechanism, the technical team decommissioned the Statscan, and installed and commissioned the Xmplar-dr within a week. This was followed by user training on the new system. The Xmplar-dr is ready to go, providing many more years of service to the trauma unit. 

It was a fitting moment to hand over the first Xmplar-dr in Europe to the Inselspital Hospital and the Head of Department, Emergency Medicine, Professor Aris Exadaktylos. This was done in a ribbon-cutting ceremony performed by Ms Claudinah Ramosepele, the South African ambassador to Switzerland. 

Ms Claudinah Ramosepele, South African Ambassador to Switzerland, cutting the ribbon

Ms Ramosepele handing over the Xmplar-dr to Professor Exadaktylos

And the old Statscan? According to the environmentally-friendly philosophy “reduce, reuse, recycle”, a new life in another facility on the other side of the world awaits it after a refurbishment.


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