Christmas in July for 2 Military Hospital

Christmas in July for 2 Military Hospital

The latest recipient of a Lodox low-dose, full-body X-ray scanner was 2 Military Hospital, located in Wynberg, Cape Town.  The hospital was built in 1979 and is currently undergoing a major refurbishment, destined to be completed in 2017. The Lodox installation, completed in July, is part of the upgrade of the radiology suite. This brings to six the number of installations in the greater Cape Town Metropole.

Xmplar-dr under wraps


The referral area for this hospital is vast: it includes the Northern, Eastern and Western Cape. About 40 000 military personnel and their dependents are served by this facility. Thus, the need for a modern hospital with up-to-date features and technology prompted the upgrade, following on the refurbishments of 1 Military Hospital in Tshwane, Gauteng, and 3 Military Hospital in Bloemfontein, Free State. New radiology equipment, including a new overhead gantry, a cardiac imaging suite and a Lodox scanner, are part of the upgrade.


Lodox technicians installing the covers on the C-arm


Once the new radiology department has been commissioned, the Lodox scanner will provide whole-body imaging capabilities for trauma, as well as other specialities, such as full-leg images and skeletal surveys for orthopaedic surgery and full-spine images for neurology. We look forward to a long relationship with 2 Military Hospital as they provide clinical care to their personnel.

Personnel at 2 Mil discuss the Lodox scanner

Completed Lodox Xmplar-dr installation

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