A busy week at Arab Health 2015 in Dubai

A busy week at Arab Health 2015 in Dubai

Setting up the booth for Arab Health 2015

Once again, Arab Health in Dubai, UAE, did not disappoint with the massive turn-out: statistics indicate increased growth with attendance up from previous years. This is truly a massive and comprehensive trade fair and conference.


Desert outside the city

Dubai is a fascinating success story of how the desert has been conquered and turned into a very modern city, with all the amenities, lots of business, hotels and tourism, all developed over a matter of a few decades. Dubai boasts the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, as well as the world’s largest shopping mall at the base of the Burj Khalifa. Brand names vie for space; there is no shortage of beautiful and expensive cars, top restaurants, as well as fast-food chain stores. Yet there is also the older part of the city – Deira – where one can browse in the souks and haggle over prices and goods.

Burj Khalifa at night


Arab Health is somewhat different from many other conferences in that a large proportion of visitors to the booth were agents who were interested in distributing our product. At many other shows the emphasis is on the clinical conference; thus, in at those conventions more of the visitors are clinicians and radiographers.

Emirates Towers


Nevertheless, it is important to meet distributors and agents so that we can increase our global footprint. We already have a presence in the Middle East, with three installations in the UAE and two in Saudi Arabia. It was good to meet our clients and agents, and to make contact with other potential distributors.








Delegates taking photos with a full-body X-ray image in the background


The life-sized full-body X-ray images on our booth at the convention sparked a lot of interest. Over the years we have become quite accustomed to seeing the full-body images our Lodox scanners produce, but many delegates were astounded at the image quality, high resolution and overall impression. We had a steady stream of visitors who took selfies or group photos with our images in the background. It goes to show that the images we produce are still unique.

We believe that Arab Health in Dubai is a gateway to the region when it comes to meeting potential clients and expanding into the region. We look forward to following up on the leads we generated at this year’s convention, and hope to strengthen ties again next year.



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