Reflections on the recent Asia trip

Reflections on the recent Asia trip

Text and photos by Saskia Nysschens

Lodox Systems exhibited at the World Forensic Festival (WFF) in Seoul, Korea in mid October 2014 hosted by the National Forensic Services (NFS). There was a large turnout at the conference as four prominent conferences were brought together simultaneously under the banner of the WFF, one being the 20th World Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS2014).

The Lodox Stand at WFF2014 with Mr Christian Di Zio (Sales & Marketing Executive) left and Ms Saskia Nysschens (Product Manager) right.


Lodox had the opportunity to engage in many fruitful discussions with potential clients and agents with a view to not only expanding business in Korea, but also other Asian countries, such as Indonesia and Vietnam and extending further out to countries such as Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan.







Not only did we enjoy the fruits of the WFF2014 congress, but we also experienced a taste of the Korean culture and cuisine. We had the pleasure of having dinner with Prof. David Fowler – a true Lodox champion – at a typical Korean restaurant, The Zen Hideaway.

Dinner with Prof. Fowler, Department of Health, State of Maryland, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Baltimore, USA.


A short trip to Taiwan and Singapore followed the one-week conference. There we had a chance to meet with the existing Lodox distributors to do some refresher training. We also had the opportunity to present our technology to prospective users from hospitals within Taipei and Singapore.

Asia is a key market and big focal point for Lodox Systems in the medium to long term.




Mr Daniel Soh and Mr Phillip Lim from Scanmed Technology, Singapore.

Mr Hui-Lin and Mr Steven Su from Sumtage Enterprise, Taipei.


Lessons learned from this trip?

Be adaptable!

Every country is different in terms of how healthcare is managed. The best approach for one country is not necessarily the best approach for the next one.

Be innovating!

See new opportunities as they arise by engaging with various users, listening to others and being open to fresh concepts.


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