Kalafong Hospital has been Lodoxed

Kalafong Hospital has been Lodoxed

The fourth Lodox installation out of the 12 in the Gauteng roll-out was recently completed (on 3 November) at Kalafong Hospital near Atteridgeville, Pretoria. This is now the fifth Xmplar-dr installation in the country.

Unloading the Lodox Xmplar-dr from the truck at Kalafong Hospital

Mr Emmanuel Kabongolo, a Senior Integration & Commissioning Technician at Lodox who was featured in our January 2014 newsletter, completed the installation and made sure everything was working as expected.

The completed installation, ready for use

At the end of May this year the Minister of Economic Development, Mr Ebrahim Patel, announced the roll-out of 12 Lodox full-body, low-dose X-ray scanners in medical facilities across Gauteng. That means four installations have taken place in just five months, and Lodox has geared up to deliver the remaining eight scanners before the end of the financial year.

The production team at Lodox is very upbeat about the progress in manufacturing and installing the scanners, despite all the long hours it takes to get each machine ready for shipping. That’s where dedication to the project, and commitment and passion play a vital role in making sure each assembly and installation runs smoothly.

The radiographers at Kalafong Hospital are currently receiving their training on the scanner, and will be well-equipped for the upcoming Festive Season when the already busy hospital sees an increase in trauma.

Smiling radiographers with their new Lodox Xmplar-dr

The “elves” in the Lodox factory are hard at work getting more Lodox Xmplar-dr scanners ready for the next installations before Christmas. Watch this space …

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