The MRC commends Lodox PhD researchers and their paper

The MRC commends Lodox PhD researchers and their paper

Every month the South African Medical Research Council (MRC) brings out a listing of recent high-profile publications in their MRC Celebrates Science newsletter. The newsletter contains the abstracts of recent South African publications in high-impact, peer-reviewed journals, reflecting the high quality of research that is conducted at South African universities.

Journals can be rated in several ways in order to create a differential between very prestigious and lesser-known journals. The impact factor (IF) is one such grading method. The IF of an academic journal is a measure of how often recent papers published in that journal have been cited in other work. The higher the IF, the more “important” the journal is considered in its particular field.

A recent Lodox paper made the grade to be honoured in the July 2014 MRC newsletter. Ronald Dendere is a PhD candidate on the Lodox Programme. His supervisor and co-author, Dr Sarah Whiley, is a former Lodox employee. The paper, titled Computed Digital Absorptiometry for Measurement of Phalangeal Bone Mineral Mass on a Slot-Scanning Digital Radiography System describes a novel way in which a Lodox scanner can be used to determine bone mineral density, a measure used in diagnosing osteoporosis. The paper appeared in the journal Osteoporosis International, a very prestigious journal with an impact factor of 4.165!

Well done to Ronald and Sarah on this achievement. Ronald will hopefully be graduating very soon with a well-deserved PhD in Biomedical Engineering, and already has some very exciting projects lined up for his post-doctoral fellowship.


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