Another endorsement for Lodox by the South African government

Another endorsement for Lodox by the South African government



On 22 July the Minister of Economic Development, Mr Ebrahim Patel, gave his budget vote speech in Parliament. Mr Christian di Zio, Sales & Marketing Manager from Lodox, was an invited guest. The Minister outlined the key strategy for economic transformation in South Africa. He listed six “i”s that will be the focus: Infrastructure, industrialisation, investment, innovation, inclusion and integration. 

Under the heading Industrialisation, Investment & Innovation, the Minister made specific mention of Lodox and our full-body X-ray scanner: 

“Honourable Members who are fans of the medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy will have seen a full body scanner used in their trauma units to give immediate digital images of injured patients. That scanner is exported from South Africa to medical facilities across the world. It was developed and produced by a company called Lodox, financed by the IDC.”

This endorsement follows on the heels of the Minister’s announcement on 29 May this year that the Gauteng government had ordered 12 new scanners for nine hospitals and three mortuaries in the province.

Lodox has already installed two of those full-body, low-dose X-ray scanners, and is currently building more scanners to complete the order for these award-winning, innovative X-ray units that are the workhorse for busy trauma units and forensic pathology laboratories in South Africa and at several other sites world-wide.

Lodox thanks the South African government and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) for the vote of confidence. We are a proudly South African company. Local is lekker!

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