Reflections on our recent trip to South-East Asia

Reflections on our recent trip to South-East Asia

ICEM2014 Lodox stand, with Mr Christian di Zio (Sales & Marketing Manager) left and Mr Stef Steiner (Assistant Product Manager) right

Lodox Systems recently returned from the International Conference of Emergency Medicine (ICEM 2014) in Hong Kong where we had an exhibition stand. There was a large turn-out at the conference, and a lot of traffic came past the stand. Lodox engaged in many fruitful discussions with potential clients and agents with a view to expanding business in South-East Asia. 

HK Convention Centre at night, viewed from Kowloon

Hong Kong has a long history and first started trading with the West after the Portuguese explorer Jorge Alvares arrived in 1513. The region is a melting pot of cultures and customs. One often speaks of “East meets West”. In addition, there is a mix between traditional vs contemporary and old vs new. What seems to make it all work is that the best of each system has been maintained and incorporated into the way things are done. 

left: bamboo scaffolding on concrete and glass high-rise building; right: old building among new glass skyscrapers

A short trip to Taiwan followed after the conference in Hong Kong. The first Lodox installation in Asia was a Lodox Statscan at the Show Chwan Memorial Hospital in Chunghua, Taichung, Taiwan. Business ties with our agent in Taiwan were strengthened and a visit to the hospital took place. We trust these meetings will result in a greater Lodox footprint in South-East Asia. 

Traditional with modern: skyscraper framed by the entrance portal to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

What were the learning points from this trip? Take the best from each system and incorporate them into something new; be adaptable and flexible to make the necessary changes that reflect a changing world; be resourceful and make the most of what you have access to; remain competitive by innovating and seeing the opportunities as they arise; be open to new ideas and learn from others.

Delights on a Taiwan menu

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