And then there were five

And then there were five

Tygerberg Hospital Crest

Lodox has just completed the fifth Western Cape installation of our award-winning full-body, low-dose X-ray scanner. This is the third Xmplar-dr installation in South Africa, and the second one in the greater Cape Town Metropole. This Xmplar-dr is located in the trauma unit of Tygerberg Hospital, the second largest hospital in South Africa, and the largest and busiest hospital in the W-Cape.

The trauma unit was recently upgraded and refurbished, and is expected to open in the next few days. Part of the upgrade included installing a Lodox full-body scanner which will play an integral role in triage of polytrauma patients.

Unloading the Xmplar-dr at Tygerberg (image courtesy of Bernitt Nortman)

We hope this scanner will ease the tremendous workload the emergency doctors, trauma surgeons and radiographers deal with at this very busy hospital. We salute all the personnel who provide exceptional service to patients under very demanding conditions. May the Lodox Xmplar-dr serve you well!

Completed installation

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