Exhibiting and Tweeting at EMSSA 2013

Exhibiting and Tweeting at EMSSA 2013

Last week, from 5 to 7 November, Lodox exhibited at the EMSSA 2013 conference in Cape Town. This was a particularly good conference in terms of presentations and number of delegates attending, despite the financial crunch everybody is experiencing. Well done to Prof. Lee Wallace and his organising committee for hosting this event.

In order to assist with the conference, Lodox was happy to sponsor writing materials for the 2nd AFEM Consensus Day, which was held on Friday, 8 November, the day after the conference.

Dr Lara Goldstein (left) and Dr Anne Smith discussing the potentials of a full-body scanner in a trauma unit


This was also our first conference after our recent foray into the social medium of Twitter. Many of our followers or the people we are following came past the stand where we could finally meet them in person. In particular, Dr Lizanne Koning from Kimberley, Dr Lara Goldstein from Johannesburg and Dr Anne Smith from George came to enquire about our Xmplar-dr scanner. We also saw Dr Mabweijano from Uganda who was here two years ago. She has first-hand experience of a Lodox scanner in Johannesburg, and is missing having access to a full-body scanner in Uganda. Who knows, perhaps we will be able to fulfil her dreams of having and Xmplar in the not-too-distant future.

Dr Lizanne Koning with Lodox CEO Pieter de Beer (left) and Lodox Sales & Marketing Manager Christian di Zio (right)






Overall, ties have been strengthened and we plan on increasing our network of contacts, both in South Africa, as well as further north in Africa and overseas.

Dr Mabweijano from Uganda with Lodox CEO Pieter de Beer

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