October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Worldwide, more than 20% of cancers detected in women are breast cancer. The Cancer Association of South African (CANSA) estimates that one in 33 South African women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Although less common, men can also develop breast cancer, and the prognosis for men is usually not as good as for women because of late detection and diagnosis. Through concerted efforts in education, early detection and diagnosis, and appropriate treatment, the survival rates for patients diagnosed with breast cancer have been increasing.

The causes of cancer are varied: These include genetic factors, lifestyle and the environment. While we many not yet be able to alter our genetic make-up, we can make choices about our lifestyle, and we can campaign for a better, safer and healthier environment.

Early detection and diagnosis saves lives. Spread the word; do a self-exam; become informed; share your knowledge and expertise; have a mammogram; change your lifestyle for healthier living. The more we know about the disease and the better access to have to healthcare, the greater the chances of beating this cancer.

While Lodox is not focusing on mammography, the South African-developed low-dose technology used in the Lodox Statscan and Xmplar is now being implemented by CapeRay, another South African company looking to make a difference in healthcare by introducing a low-dose mammography system.

Lodox employees remember our friends and loved ones who succumbed to the disease, and salute the breast cancer survivors in our families, in our midst and around the world. May research, innovation, education and healthy lifestyle choices increase the odds of beating this cancer.

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