Three Discussions on Technology for Forensic Pathology

Three Discussions on Technology for Forensic Pathology

Lodox was proud to host a recent Round Table discussion on Forensic Pathology in South Africa. Topics covered many areas, highlighting the difficulty that forensic pathologists are faced with in the absence of adequate financial and resource support, often due to an under-estimation of the importance, and value, of the work they perform.

The Panel members included Prof David Fowler (Chief Medical Examiner, Maryland Forensics, Baltimore, USA), Dr Linda Liebenberg (Forensic Pathologist, Salt River Mortuary, SA), Ms Vonita Thompson (Director of Forensic Pathology Services in the Western Cape, SA) and Lodox’s CEO, Mr Pieter de Beer.

To view some highlights of this discussion, please see our YouTube channel, where we have posted three interesting segments:

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