Lodox Salutes Nelson Mandela

Lodox Salutes Nelson Mandela

On Thursday, 18 July, the world celebrated International Nelson Mandela Day. To honour his spirit of giving and community building, every Lodox employee donated 67 minutes-worth of their salaries. The recipient was the Baragwanath Hospital Comforts Committee (BHCC), a charity that is dedicated to helping people in hospital, and helping the health system complete its valuable work. Among their noble enterprises are soup kitchens at TB and HIV clinics (to encourage patients to adhere to treatment schedules), support for new mothers in the form of care packages, provision of basic necessities to trauma patients who find themselves in hospital with little or nothing, as well as assistance with transport for those who cannot afford to get to treatment points. Two of the main hospitals they operate in are Chris Hani Baragwanath and Charlotte Maxeke – both hospitals that have Lodox X-ray scanners, which made the connection very relevant for Lodox.

Lodox CEO, Pieter de Beer, as well as the Finance and Social Committees, were honored today to hand over our donation to Ms Sue Dykes, a volunteer member of the charity. The BHCC’s work is truly inspirational to us and we hope to be able to help them further their good work in the years to come.

Lodox CEO, Pieter de Beer, hands over the Lodox donation to Sue Dykes of the BHCC.

Lodox Social and Finance Committees with Sue Dykes of the BHCC.

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