Lodox gives the Full Picture at OCME Maryland

Lodox gives the Full Picture at OCME Maryland

The OCME (Office of the Chief Medical Examiner) in Baltimore, Maryland has a workload of over 4000 autopsies per year. Their website states that “Along with the medicolegal responsibility to determine cause and manner of death, OCME serves a critical public health role by identifying injury trends or potential infectious diseases that may pose risk to Marylanders.”


Radiological imaging is a fundamental part of the death investigation system. Traditional X-ray equipment is designed to image one part of the body at a time in separate images and is often a rate-limiting step in the autopsy process.

In 2010, the OCME designed and built a brand new, state of the art facility in order to cope with their tremendous workload and perform their duties to the people of Maryland more efficiently. As part of this re-design, the Lodox full-body X-ray system was installed. In the words of the Chief Medical Examiner, Prof David Fowler, Lodox has “revolutionized our turnaround times and accuracy dramatically”.

The OCME building in Baltimore, Maryland.

Prof David Fowler, Chief Medical Officer

He goes further to say “The Lodox provides a conventional whole body image at a speed that cannot be matched by any other imaging modality. The Lodox Statscan Imaging System is strikingly elegant in its simplicity. In fact, if I was given the choice of one imaging modality (DXR vs Lodox vs CT), I would most certainly choose the Statscan.”


To find out more about Prof Fowler’s thoughts, including 8 reasons why Lodox is perfect for a Forensics Unit, read his full comments here.

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