A successful exhibit at LMC 2013

A successful exhibit at LMC 2013

Lodox attended the Laboratory Medicine Congress (LMC) 2013 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) from 29 – 31 July, 2013. Many fascinating talks were presented by various forensic pathologists. The Keynote Speaker Professor David Fowler, Chief Medical Examiner in Phoenix, Maryland USA, presented two very interesting talks. One was an overview of the Maryland Medical Examiners’ System review of death investigations in the USA. The other was on the politics, design and commissioning of a new forensic centre in Maryland, USA.

The new forensic centre in Baltimore, Maryland, is a state of the art facility. In addition to their CT scanner, they have a Lodox Statscan. In fact, the Statscan is the imaging workhorse in the facility, being used for more than 80% of all the X-ray imaging.

Prof. Fowler is an avid lobbyist for the Lodox system; it has all the features he wants and needs: low radiation, reliability, almost no downtime, full-body images, scan speed and a dedicated service from Lodox to address any issues that may crop up.

Several of the other presentations by the Cape Town forensic pathologists also highlighted the time-saving advantages of having a Statscan in the mortuary.

Professor Fowler (centre), Chief Medical Examiner, Maryland, USA, visits the Lodox stand. On his left is Pieter de Beer (CEO, Lodox) and on his right is Stef Steiner (Assistant Product Manager, Lodox)

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