Lodox Inspires Positivity

Lodox Inspires Positivity

South Africans from across the board have been inspired by the success story of a small South African company on a huge American medical drama. Following Lodox’s dramatic debut on local screens last Monday, people have shown how proud they are that a ground-breaking piece of medical technology is home-grown and home-made here in Mzansi.

Commenting on an article published by the Sowetan, people said “Something to be proud of again. Thanks”, “Big ups SA. Keep Shining”  and “South Africa alive with possibilities…”. In iol SciTech’s story people made comments such as “AWESOME! Really nice to read this, well done” and “Another South African first!”.

Other noteworthy positive thoughts such as “Well done!! Nice to hear about the good things coming from S.A and the usage of the wonderful minds which so often go un-noticed!” and “Impressive! Very proudly South African right now” were made of the News24 and Health24 reports on the Lodox Grey’s Anatomy appearance.

Even on Lodox’s own Facebook page, new friends showed their positivity: “It made me feel proudly South African” and “Ek is opreg trots op my mede Suid-Afrikaners”.


South Africa, thank you for your encouraging comments and positive thoughts. Lodox is privileged and proud to be an inspiration, and will aspire to do so long after the Hollywood lights dim.



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