From Good to Grey: A South African story

From Good to Grey: A South African story

The South African Media have been abuzz today, following last night’s airing of the Grey’s Anatomy episode Idle Hands, featuring our proudly South African Lodox full-body X-ray scanner.

In the episode, the doctors and nurses of Grey+Sloane Memorial Hospital’s brand new ER are excited and amazed to have the Lodox Statscan in their trauma department. After a long wait of anxious anticipation, they are suitably impressed by the X-ray scanner’s ability to take an entire body scan in just 13 seconds, and what this will mean for how they treat trauma patients. Far from paid-for product placement, this was a storyline independently researched and written by the Grey’s Anatomy producers. Our Lodox NA team made sure they had a real, working Lodox machine on the set of the new ER.

Here at Lodox, we are both pleased and proud that our scanner has been recognised on this international platform, and equally that it has been featured in our local media as an example of some of the truly great things that happen here in South Africa. Although Grey’s Anatomy is “just a TV show”, the featuring of Lodox’s unique scanner shows that our technology is of the highest standard, and continues the proud tradition of world-class South African medical innovation that was started by such pioneering icons as Alan Cormack and Dr Christiaan Barnard.

The proud Lodox South Africa Team.

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