Facing the challenges of the global recession

Facing the challenges of the global recession

Creamer Media’s popular Engineering News recently published an interview with our Sales & Marketing Manager, Christian di Zio, on the newly-unveiled Lodox Xmplar-dr, our latest low-dose full-body X-ray scanner.

In the article di Zio explains the advantages of this unique X-ray system and also points out the challenges when trying to break into the marketplace. The worldwide recession means many budgets for medical equipment have been cut back. However, it also means that several small fly-by-night operators have managed to secure sales of sub-standard – but very much cheaper – products, often with little or no after-sales service.

Lodox has a proud track record of providing a quality, easy-to-use product with a long life-expectancy, backed by superb and efficient after-sales service, training and assistance.

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