$10 Million for free? Finweek Features Lodox

$10 Million for free? Finweek Features Lodox

This week’s issue of Finweek, one of South Africa’s most popular business publications, makes the statement “$10 million for Free: How an SA invention scored global exposure”. They are, of course, referring to Lodox’s recent, unsolicited appearance on the Grey’s Anatomy television show, where the Lodox scanner was used in the ER to save lives.

The well-known business journalist and radio personality who penned the article, Bruce Whitfield, marvels at the unprecedented value of this magnitude of free, world-wide exposure. At the same time, he neatly encapsulates just why the Lodox technology is so valuable in the trauma setting:

“Crucially, the process happens in a single sweep of the arching arm of the device. What emerges is a single image of an entire body. It eliminates the need for a badly injured patient to be wheeled through icy corridors and to be transferred from one trolley to another in what could be a life-threatening movement, plus there is no need for multiple radiation exposures.”


“…when it comes to saving lives, seconds count, meaning that surgeons are able to more quickly and accurately assess the full extent of a patient’s injuries before beginning to work on what might at first appear to be the most threatening external trauma.”

In the article, our Lodox CEO, Pieter de Beer, acknowledges that this is not an opportunity to be squandered. Indeed, Lodox may not have a cheque for $10 million dollars, but we have all the confidence in the world that our unique piece of medical equipment will soon be seen in many more ERs than the one that has recently made it famous at Grey+Sloane Memorial Hospital.

The Lodox spread in this week’s Finweek magazine.


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