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Lodox Xmplar-dr Accenture Innovation Awards

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The Lodox scanner is a time-saving, full-body digital X-ray imaging device.

It is the only system in the world that provides an excellent quality X-ray image up to 6 feet in length in just 13 seconds.

Lodox is also safer, emitting up to 10 times less harmful dose than regular X-ray systems.

Lodox on Greys Anatomy at Seattle Grace Hospital

Lodox provides imaging information quickly and safely, which can save lives in an emergency.

For more information contact info@mclodox.com or your local office.

More about Lodox’s Xmplar-dr and Statscan systems

The Lodox Scanners  are digital radiography (DR) X-ray scanning systems that can produce clear, diagnostic full-body X-ray images in just 13 seconds, without using stitching or retakes of any kind. High quality images can be obtained at any rotation from AP (0°) to Lateral (90°).


Due to its unique X-ray system, scanning technology and design, it emits extremely low levels of entry and scattered radiation, making it safer for operators and staff.

For emergency trauma situations, the Xmplar-dr permits easy access to the patient to allow for monitoring and resuscitation to take place around the scanning process. The 13-second, full-body scan provides instant information with which to form a diagnostic image of the patient’s injuries.

In forensic pathology (medico-legal) applications, the Statscan provides an easy-to-use, fast method for assessing the entire subject’s body in multiple planes to assist with pathology location, particularly useful in the case of gun shot victims. The single sweep eliminates the need to move the subject to obtain all necessary views, making it more efficient and safer for staff.

Lodox is also ideally suited to imaging of bariatric and paediatric patients, and has found applications in many other areas of medical imaging.

The high quality, digital images, ease of use and reliability make the Xmplar-dr (for trauma) and Statscan (for Forensics) an invaluable piece of imaging equipment in any arena.


Xmplar from Lodox Systems






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